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Józef Wandzik 1990 - 1994
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Author:  artemds [ Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:11 am ]
Post subject:  Józef Wandzik 1990 - 1994

Name: Józef Wandzik

Nckname: "Vouno" or "mountain"


Country: :GRE: Greece
Club: Panathinaikos
Position: *GK
Side: RF/BS
Age: 27-31 years (13/08/1963)

Height: 193 cm
Weight: 92 kg

Attack: 30
Defence: 85
Balance: 93
Stamina: 66
Top Speed: 67
Acceleration: 68
Response: 88
Agility: 72
Dribble Accuracy: 52
Dribble Speed: 53
Short Pass Accuracy: 55
Short Pass Speed: 59
Long Pass Accuracy: 60
Long Pass Speed: 62
Shot Accuracy: 44
Shot Power: 82
Shot Technique: 44
Free Kick Accuracy: 44
Curling: 55
Header: 45
Jump: 82
Technique: 56
Aggression: 60
Mentality: 75
Goalkeeper Skills: 84
Team Work: 75

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition/Fitness: 7
Weak Foot Accuracy: 3
Weak Foot Frequency: 3
Consistency: 6
Growth Type: Standard/Lasting

S13:Long throw


Attack/Defence Awareness Cards: Defence Minded

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despero288 wrote:
Wandzik is a solid goalie known as mountain. Great physical conditions, strength and experience because it aroused respect on the pitch. However, he spat too often on the ball, he was swinging chaotically between the posts, he was helpless in crossings because he was not absolutely lively, his interventions were too slow and bad decisions. After this, mentally weak after one mistake he was ready to collapse the match for the whole team. Evidently he collapsed the Euro 96 qualifying because he played very insecure in every match. He made a comeback in the match with Romania by letting the ball into the goal. It did not reach the notice that he was not fit for the National Team. Too late he gave a chance to Szczęsny and Wozniak. Earlier Wandzik defended with Baka for a change, which was also a fatal move because also Bako as Wandzik were not fit for the National Team. We had the worst goalkeepers in the squad for years. And yet Maciej Szczęsny, who proved how wonderfully he defends in Genoa in the match for the semi-final PZP with Sampdoria in 1991 Strelau, then the coach of the team did not like Szczesny and did not give him a chance to exist. However, to sum up the career of Józef Wandzik in the National Team, I must admit that he played a lot of meetings even though they were better than him. He drew more from his career than he had the talent to defend. He was lucky in life and worked hard at training, which resulted in a beautiful career in the club from Athens in Greece. However, he never saved anything in the frame

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