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Mehmet SCHOLL 1996-2000
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Author:  KONAMI [ Mon Mar 25, 2013 9:26 am ]
Post subject:  Mehmet SCHOLL 1996-2000


Name: Mehmet Scholl

Nickname: "Scholli"


Country: :GER: Germany
Club: FC Bayern M√ľnchen
Position: *AMF, SMF, SS
Side: RF/LS
Age: 26-30 years (16/10/1970)

Height: 177 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Attack: 84
Defence: 46
Balance: 76
Stamina: 79
Top Speed: 81
Acceleration: 85
Response: 73
Agility: 86
Dribble Accuracy: 91
Dribble Speed: 86
Short Pass Accuracy: 85
Short Pass Speed: 80
Long Pass Accuracy: 84
Long Pass Speed: 79
Shot Accuracy: 81
Shot Power: 83
Shot Technique: 82
Free Kick Accuracy: 91
Curling: 89
Header: 71
Jump: 73
Technique: 89
Aggression: 82
Mentality: 75
Goalkeeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 77

Injury Tolerance: C
Condition: 5
Weak Foot Accuracy: 7
Weak Foot Frequency: 7
Consistency: 5
Growth type: Standard

S04 - Super-Sub
S07 - Shoulder Feint Skills
S10 - Flip Flap Skills
S13 - Step On Skills
P05 - Mazing Run

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Dribbling - Passing

Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded

Scholl has been praised for his technical ability, his creative playmaking, his dribbling skills, and his free kicks. In early 2001, he was voted Player of the Year 2000 by the professional players of the First and Second Bundesliga, and in May 2005, fans voted him one of the eleven greatest Bayern players of all time. He was one of the Bundesliga's most successful players, winning the championship eight times. Scholl repeatedly suffered injuries throughout his career, preventing him from maintaining a regular spot on the national team and eventually prompting him to retire from the national team prior to the 2002 FIFA World Cup, making him one of Germany's most successful players never to have played in a World Cup.

Author:  giomarino [ Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mehmet SCHOLL 1996-2001

His MEN I don't see much better than Futre, sometimes he was devastating but often you didn't even know he's on the pitch. Also STA needs to come down on 80, if not even more. Even RES could see further decrease. It's a pity such a talented guy didn't achieve more in his career..

Author:  gurkenjoe93 [ Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mehmet SCHOLL 1996-2001

STA for sure should remain in yellow, other values would IMO underrate him. RES could come down to 75, about MEN I'm not sure. I can remember matches where he was pretty good (although things didn't look well for Bayern) but there were also matches where he diasppeared. I leave that change up to you ;)
Regarding the other part: it's a shame he didn't archieve more with the NT (mainly because of his injuries) but I wouldn't say that his archievements with Bayern are bad..
Btw, era could be even longer, he was also very good from 1993-1996..

Author:  giomarino [ Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mehmet SCHOLL 1996-2001

Updated, also I'm not sure if he really deserves such a high value for DS. I don't see him so much better than Figo. Also era from 93-01 would be too long, in the beginning of his career he wasn't so good in passing, later he started to act more like a playmaker..

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