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 Ivo VIKTOR 1968-1976 
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Name: Ivo Viktor

Nickname: "Víťa"


Country: :CZE: Czech Republic
Club: Dukla Prague
Position: *GK
Side: RF/BS
Age: 26-34 years (21/05/1942)

Height: 180 cm
Weight: 77 kg

Attack: 30
Defence: 93
Balance: 82
Stamina: 67
Top Speed: 72
Acceleration: 74
Response: 94
Agility: 83
Dribble Accuracy: 50
Dribble Speed: 52
Short Pass Accuracy: 58
Short Pass Speed: 60
Long Pass Accuracy: 64
Long Pass Speed: 67
Shot Accuracy: 44
Shot Power: 83
Shot Technique: 43
Free Kick Accuracy: 42
Curling: 45
Header: 47
Jump: 88
Technique: 53
Aggression: 62
Mentality: 88
Goalkeeper Skills: 95
Team Work: 82

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition: 7
Weak Foot Accuracy: 5
Weak Foot Frequency: 5
Consistency: 6
Growth type: Late peak

S12 - 1-on-1 Keeper


Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Defence Minded

Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:00 pm

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This keeper was fantastic, together with Hellstrom one of the most underrated and forgotten ever. IMO the greatest ever from Czechoslovakia and among 15 best in history of the game...

His RES should be on 95 for the beginning..He had tremendous reflexes which were surely his main weapon. DEF can be raised to 94, he was surely better than Sepp Maier in this aspect...

His MEN should be in orange area, with TMW at least on 87. He was very brave, never hesitated to leave the goal line and dive into the legs of the rivals, and had great understanding with his defenders, orchestrating the back line...

Why's his JUM so low?

Jedan od najpopularnijih vratara u čehosl. nogometu, odličnih refleksa, visokih skokova i akrobatskih intervencija,

Here are also some parts of his biography, translated from cyrillics, not perfect but understandable:

Signed the first contract for the apartment
I think it goes without saying, a hundred childhood Ivo, who was born in war-time, it was extremely difficult. He grew up without a father, like most of the post-war children, but unlike them, he did not even know who his father is not, nor was his name. Ivo's mother recorded on his name and brought him together with his grandmother.
Your favorite game as a child, of course, was football. Ivo was ready to be worn all day in the yard, but against were mainly: the older kids. A clumsy kid ever get in the way and it floated to stand at the gate. It has always urged on by saying how can you play badly. Therefore, the first sports section, which was signed by Ivo volleyball.
In Shternbek town where he grew up Victor, had his second league team "Spartak", which is constantly gaining young players. Team stars from the sky is not enough, but it was a real team! Best friend Ivo went to view, fearing to go alone, asked Victor to make a company. Coach Gamal asked the 15 year old boy in what position he plays. Goalkeeper - Ivo said mechanically. Fate was sealed. Coach put him in the gate, and he was punching a penalty. As recalled Victor himself on the first beat, he did not move, the coach felt that the guy is afraid to get dirty, and the only form of forced him to change into a real keeper clothing. Ivo does not remember how he did it, but he took all the subsequent penalty. It was only when a newcomer missed the first time, the coach calmed down and said, 'You passed. "Spartacus" did not apply to any prizes - coming after every game all went together to drink beer, discussed, debated and planned tactics for future meetings. Ivo 16 years was in the "gate", received a salary basis and the goalkeeper had already become known in other clubs.
The following season, he was invited to the team "Zheleznary" from the neighboring town of Proteus, a salary increase is not promised, but did show apartment, which he will now live. With the consent of the mother Ivo signed a contract for two years. That's when he learns that the apartment from one year to show all newcomers team, but no one ever give. So Ivo only got a free pass for the train.
School Krchila
Two years later, it is time to serve in the army. In 1961 Ivo Viktor serving to the site conscript - army command "Ore Hvězda" of the city of Brno. He was lucky - the coach of the club was Krchil legendary footballer, who played in the World Cup final in 1934. He prepared by Victor the same schemes as practiced at the time the legendary Planichka and Zamora. The first eight games for the reserve team calendar Ivo stood up to zero. It was only in the ninth with a penalty kick missed the first ball.
Debut came in on April 6, 1963, for the match against the "Dukla", whose players formed the backbone of the team, which appeared in the World Cup finals in 1962 and ceded it to Brazilians, and Josef Masopust, also was named the best player in Europe in 1962. As reported in the newspaper the next day, "Chehoslovenski sport": "For brnentsev played a great goalkeeper - the young Victor. Countered and penalties from Safranek, aimed at an angle assigned to the 28th minute for the demolition of the Mardi Gras. " However, the difference in the class of the team said - the result 0:2. The best player was voted young goalkeeper - debutant. After that Victor spent only 5 games as a basis for "Ore Hvězda" and was invited to the "Dukla".
His "godfather" was Pele
The new team was waiting for him on the bench a long two years. In 1963, he never even came out to replace, in 1964 - only 2 games. He was very nervous, sometimes leading to errors - in one of the games, he threw the ball right at the feet of the frontline opponent. Victor released only in friendly matches. He played great tour of the Far East, where they were defeated the first club teams in the region, the score was 5:1, 12:1. He could only looking to learn from the bench, looking at the game rivals. Such as the "Real" with which the team played in the quarter-finals of the European Cup.
Serious injury in 1966, is the main goalkeeper of "Dukla" and the national team. Ivo replaces it on both fronts. Debut for the national team came in a friendly against Brazil on "Maracana"! Beginning of the game the team could not clear the mind - as a result of two errors in the protection and by the 20th minute uncontrollable Pele twice "cross" newcomer. But then everything calmed down and was able to otkvitat one goal. 1:2. The second match for the national team, Ivo was against the champions of the world - the British. The most dangerous according to him were connected Bobby Charlton. Peters, Hurst and others simply overran the protection of the Czechs. Even in the first half, Victor broke two phalanges of fending off one of the most powerful blows Hirst. Almost all of the players the world champions were noted strikes on target. She was beaten from all distances. Victor remembers "just dazzled the eyes of their t-shirts." The meeting ended in a draw 0-0 each of the Englishmen would like to share a T-shirt with it, but the exchange took place with Banks, who on that day was "out of work".
Ivo was never afraid to throw at the feet of the goalkeeper. In 1967, in a match with "Anderlecht" Van Himst until recently did not clean the legs of goalkeeper Rushing - up: Victor imposed a 18 stitches on his face and left leg. In 1970, in a match with "Nottingham" history repeated itself. Then a lot of years, these injuries had taken their toll.
Goalkeeper of
Meanwhile, the team flew past the European Championship in 1968. In the first game against Spain was defeated 1-0 at one point after hitting Jose Marie Victor covered the ball on the goal line. After meeting with a side referee goal did not count, despite the protests of the Spaniards. There were also well done game with Turkey away victory over Ireland and after the defeat of Spain in the party had only to avoid defeat Ireland. At the game the coaches put the backup of. At the gate stood Kremer. Lose with a score of 1:2 was one of the sensations of the tournament.
The next tournament was the World Cup in 1970. In one group, the Czechs were bikampeony - the Brazilians, the defending champion of the world - the English and the national team of Romania. The first game was a match with Brazil, it started very well - a goal the Czechs are on 12 minutes. On the 24th minute was appointed as a penalty. We got the ball Pele and Rivelino. And then the Brazilians for the first time used a new technique - all players in the area started running razdergivaya their guardians. Victor only saw the ball in the net. Rivelino shot into the slot formed in the wall. Goalkeeper was powerless. After the break, Pele and Jairzinho twice struck the gate to the point already injured Victor. On the next play Ivo banned from leaving the doctors. 1:2 defeat against the Romanians. In the last group game Viktor recovered and missed the only goal from a penalty awarded for a handball defender. After the return of all players except the goalkeeper had been criticized. Victor fell asleep sentences: "Ajax", "Sao Paulo" wanted to see him in their ranks. However, this situation in those years was just not possible. After the championship Ivo married and he had children. Son was named after his father - Ivo, daughter - in honor of his mother Jana.
"Banks, out of competition, but we know ..."
Surprisingly for Victor was invited to a farewell match Lev Yashin. Why me? - He asked the legendary goalkeeper. Yashin said that drew attention to his game even more memorable match in 1966 against England, where he was the best, then saw it many times in the case, including FIFA World Cup games in 1970. Victor said, "But Banks is a better goalkeeper." "Banks, out of competition, but we goalies know that played well and was standing behind the finest defenders - two different things" - Master replied. - "You'd better explain why you were playing with Brazilians open football? '. Yashin took him under his wing and helped acquire goalie gloves, thanks to his help Victor twice invited to the matches of FIFA national teams.
After the World Cup squad scandals shook with sponsors, it was not possible to negotiate with the manufacturers of equipment - in the end it affected the team's game. Went to the championship team of Romania - both teams scored nine points in the group, but the Czechs was worse goal difference. They were behind the 1974 World Cup - Group of Scots came.
Finest hour
Last tournament and its high point was the European Championships in 1976 - pick-up games were hard - a rival was the English squad with Kevin Keegan at the point of attack. The first game was lost 0-3. Before the game, Victor shared with one of the friends: had a dream that I will miss the three goals. Defeated Cyprus and Portugal, and the fate of vouchers was decided in a match with the founders of football. There is a saying: "The match will take place rain or shine." It is not always true, this time the team took to the field, but the game was moved to the first 15 minutes, then the next day. This heavy fog in Prague's history never happened. The transfer went to benefit the owners of 2:1. And dangerous rival - the USSR national team. This chetverfinal was interesting that the teams first met in a friendly match, and after a few days of the official. In the first game, Victor was not, he was watching the game at home on TV. That meeting ended with the score 2:2.
As described by Victor game Monday in the weekly "Football", "Last year the national team of Czechoslovakia by the right was the best team in the continent. Its assets were a number of high-profile victories for 15 matches (!) Czechoslovakia team are unbeaten under the guidance of coaches and V.Ezheka I.Venglosha. And yet this season and it turned out to be difficult. She failed to make the final Olympics, only one point behind in the qualifying rounds of the GDR team. Then the injured, some leading players. So for now the team of Czechoslovakia remained one chance to prove his reputation - to win in dvuhraundovoy meeting with the USSR national team. This is well understood by the players. Make the score 2-0 in the crawl Czechoslovakia. More story can be read on the website the Russian national team . After the game Lobanovsky the question: why is so different result, said: "It was playing Viktor"
In the second leg 2-2. Leo wrote about her Filatov: "If this game was played by itself, in isolation, outside the European championship, it's likely he would have received quite a decent score from our audience, because it was a lot of expressive episodes, our team twice compared the account, which is usually regarded as a manifestation of the will of a steep, and that and look flashed in a newspaper headline "Fighting draw", which has long been regularly expressed relief and satisfaction, but says nothing about the nature of the event that. But none of this was not so and could not be. "
Opponent in the semi-final fate determined vice-champions of the world - the Dutch. Virtually repeating his part in the finals two years ago, the Dutch were ready to conquer the new trophy. But Cruyff, Rensenbrink, Krol, Neeskens, Suuber, Rep time after time could not make a shot, caught that day courage. The only time he was powerless - scored: Czech national team defender Ondrus. The regulation time ended in a draw after extra time, two goals at 114 and 119 minutes brought victory 3:1.
Examiner in the final was even more serious - the champions of the world. Also put his star cast, with the exception of Gerd Muller, Grabowski, and Overath, Breitner. The most dangerous, according to the memoirs Ivo were connected to the attacks Beckenbauer and Bonhof depth of field. At 24 minutes the Germans lose 0-2, but found another Mueller - Dieter, who pulled one back ball. In the final, Victor again caught his game, pulling out a lot of "dead" balls. Two minutes before the end of Hittsenbayn, violating rules equalizes. The judge shall deduct the goal. In extra time, Victor again impenetrable. In the shoot-out wrong Ulf Hoeness and the best team in Europe becomes a team of Czechoslovakia. And while in the same year became the best player in Europe Beckenbauer, the best player of the tournament was named goalkeeper of champions.
And then at the height of his fame Victor has no idea what to expect - September 3, 1976 the last time he went on the field in the championship match of the country with the "Sparta". At one point, after a great Seiwa with the coup, when the ball was firmly clutched in the hands of the keeper, he felt a sharp pain in the spine - the day all the old injuries immediately made themselves known. Several operations have not helped and Ivo Viktor never came on. He could not even hold a farewell match.
After finishing his playing career, he worked in a variety of sports organizations.

Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:30 pm
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Updated, DEF 93 -->94, RES 93 -->94, JUM 85 -->88, MEN 83 -->88, TW 84 -->87..

I think RES is fine on 94, point below Zeman, who is IMO a bit better in this segement, also MEN seems too high in orange, personally I don't see him over 88..

Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:29 am

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Updated some stats...

I've now made complete analysis of his game, and I must say his main quality was surely GKS, he could catch even strong shots from distance of 5 meters, catching also the shots of the strongest shooters in the world, for now 95 but he can get IMO even higher value. Also lowered his height to 180 cm as stated in great article here:

And I can confirm again: One of the best keepers ever...

Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:12 am
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