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 Đỗ Thới VINH 1960-1968 
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Name: Đỗ Thới Vinh

Nickname: "Đầu Sói" ("Bald Head"), "Vinh Sói"


Country: :VIE: Vietnam (Image South Vietnam at that time)
Club: Hải Quan
Position: *CMF, AMF, SS, DMF
Side: RF/BS
Age: 20-28 years (??/??/1940)

Height: ???
Weight: ???

Attack: 76
Defence: 54
Balance: 75
Stamina: 81
Top Speed: 77
Acceleration: 79
Response: 77
Agility: 81
Dribble Accuracy: 82
Dribble Speed: 77
Short Pass Accuracy: 83
Short Pass Speed: 75
Long Pass Accuracy: 80
Long Pass Speed: 75
Shot Accuracy: 72
Shot Power: 83
Shot Technique: 72
Free Kick Accuracy: 64
Curling: 68
Header: 82
Jump: 81
Technique: 83
Aggression: 77
Mentality: 78
Goalkeeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 81

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition/Fitness: 5
Weak Foot Accuracy: 5
Weak Foot Frequency: 5
Consistency: 6
Growth type: Early/Lasting

P15 - Talisman

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Tactical Dribble - Passing

Attack / Defence Awareness Card: Balanced


Probably the best midfielder in the history of Vietnamese football. Đỗ Thới Vinh represented South Vietnam over 13 years and appeared in 118 matches for the team. During this time he was one of the most instrumental players of the team. Mainly playing as CMF, Vinh stood out for his passing and his technical skills but also his heading abilites that earned him the nickname "Đầu Sói" ("Bald Head").


Spoiler: show
Center striker Ha Tam continued: "In the final against the Thai people, witnessed by thousands of spectators, the MN-VN team did not flinch under the pressure of the hosts' cheers and screams but still played. tenaciously. Do Thoi Vinh opened the score in the 21st minute and 10 minutes later Sathan equalized for Thailand.

The final match of the Merdeka tournament had about 40,000 spectators filling the National Stadium with the King of Malaysia and Prime Minister Abdulraman presiding. The Republic of Vietnam team took the field in yellow shirts, white pants, and yellow socks, receiving warm cheers from the Malaysian audience, especially midfielder Do Thoi Vinh, the most recognizable person in the Vietnamese squad with his bald head and His skillful dribbling and charming joking gestures on the field have won the sympathy of the audience and the host country's press.

The starting lineup includes goalkeeper Lam Hong Chau, defenders include Phan Duong Cam (self-titled Hien), Nguyen Van Co, Pham Huynh Tam Lang, Lai Van Ngon (II), holding the midfield position are Do Thoi Vinh, Nguyen Ngoc Thanh and the strikers include Nguyen Van Ngon (I), Nguyen Van Chieu, Le Van Duc, Tran Chanh.

In the second half, a golden opportunity came to the Republic of Vietnam team in the 72nd minute. From a pass from captain Pham Huynh Tam Lang, Magician Do Thoi Vinh skillfully guided the ball past two Burmese players, opening the ball just right. Just the right range for striker Nguyen Van Chieu to cross.

Center forward Nguyen Van Chieu and midfielder Do Thoi Vinh are close friends who shared the same uniform from the Customs team and then when they joined the army, they both played for the General Staff Team. Discharged, both returned to the Customs team and played together in the national team. Their lives have been intertwined for decades together on the field.

Do Thoi Vinh was born around 1940 in Phan Thiet and when he came of age he moved to Saigon and first played in the Quan Cu football team. After more than two years in exile, Do Thoi Vinh retired from the Army to join the Customs Department.
With a skillful passing style that made it difficult for the opponent's defenders to block and accurate passes, Do Thoi Vinh's talent was noticed by the Republic of Vietnam Football Association and has been in the Republic of Vietnam team since 1956. to 1969.
Do Thoi Vinh - nicknamed Vinh Soi - is considered a typical player of the Republic of Vietnam soccer team with a "flamboyant and effective" playing style, once standing in the Asian team squad with Pham Van Rang.
In the Republic of Vietnam team, Do Thoi Vinh plays in the support position, that is, the player with the title of "center", who truly holds the soul of the match as a liaison between the downline and the upline. In the match against Burma in the 1966 Merdeca tournament, Do Thoi Vinh played in one of the two contact positions of the 4-2-4 formation.

After 1966, with the Merdeka championship trophy back, Do Thoi Vinh joined the General Staff football team. Later, when he was seconded to his old profession, Do Thoi Vinh played again in the Customs team.

He is the midfielder with the most records:

13 consecutive years as midfielder of the Republic of Vietnam team with 118 international matches.
Once had the honor of being selected to play as part of the Asian team.
Participated in the Merdeka tournament 11 times from 1957 to 1969.
Participated in the Southeast Asian Games (SEAP Games) 6 times.
Presented 6 times in Thailand's King's Cup.
Attended the Asian Olympics twice.

The marks that midfielder Do Thoi Vinh created on the field are many, but the most notable are the 1959 SEAP Games and the 1966 Merdeka tournament.
The final match that brought the first gold medal to the Republic of Vietnam in the 1959 SEAP Games soccer tournament after defeating the Thai team 3-1 highlighted the merits and talents of "wolf-headed" Vinh, especially with his shot. He flew to head the ball and conceded Thailand's goal.
Another mark is also mentioned with Do Thoi Vinh, with Vinh's brilliant talent, making the prime minister himself as well as the Malaysian people at that time admire him very much and the Malaysian prime minister in 1968, Abdul Rahman, who was also the President of the Asian Football Federation at that time, personally wrote a letter inviting Do Thoi Vinh to come to Malaysia to play for the Asian team.

In addition, Vinh also has a gentle and noble playing style. In the opening match of the Merdeka Cup against the Malaysian team at Kuala Lumpur in 1966, Do Thoi Vinh left great impressions on foreign audiences: After being knocked down and rolling around a few times by a Malaysian defender, Do Thoi Vinh jumped up and ran back, making everyone worried, thinking he was going to run back to start a fight. But it turned out that Vinh only ran back to extend his hand to shake hands with the Malaysian defender and this noble action made tens of thousands of spectators applaud and applaud. Thanks to that, when the Republic of Vietnam team played the final match against Burma, the Malaysian audience became their most enthusiastic fans.

After 1975, Do Thoi Vinh's life became poor, not prosperous, lacking before and after. After 1975, this Customs team changed to the Customs team and Do Thoi Vinh was in the Customs squad in the match against the Bank team on September 2, 1975.
Please add that the Banking team was also taken from the Vietnam Thuong Tin team before 1975, so this match gathered many Republic of Vietnam players such as Ho Thanh Chinh, Tran Thanh Long, Do Minh Kha, Nguyen Van Ngon, Tran Tiet Anh , Ho Thanh Cang, Vo Thanh Son, Quang Duc Vinh, Duong Van Tha.
In 1976, Song Be province established two football teams and invited him to become head coach. Just two years later, Song Be province sent both provincial teams to participate in the national Class A soccer tournament and the second team won the southern region championship. After this success, Song Be province merged the two teams into one team and fired Do Thoi Vinh, assigning Mr. Nguyen Kim Phung as head coach. Later, this opportunist became Deputy Director of the Department of Sports and Sports of Binh Duong province.
This shows that when they were successful, they pushed Do Thoi Vinh out and after that they did not see any mention of him in the domestic press.
Some documents say that around 1989-1990, Do Thoi Vinh was in poverty, had to find a brother he knew who was taking care of the Ky Ma and Tao Dan grounds and lived on a small bed to pass the days. He then died on the field due to diabetes but did not specify the year of death. It is only known that since 2002, former teammates and descendants have regularly organized "commemorative matches for Do Thoi Vinh".
Every time this talented striker's death anniversary comes, generations of his juniors and even the students who lived with Do Thoi Vinh in his last days on Ky Ma Stadium all celebrate his death. The "death anniversary" is sometimes just a football match and then everyone gathers around glasses of iced tea or, if well-off, a few bottles of beer.
During these death anniversary days, many former players came to the field with sticks, including Tam Lang. There are also former players who are poor, old and weak, and live off their children who are not well off, but they all have a love letter. For example, the death anniversary match on May 18, 2013, at Tao Dan Stadium (District 1, Saigon) with a football match between former Song Be player (old) and former Saigon player.

He carried the message of Vietnamese football throughout Asia in the 1960s when he was an indispensable midfielder for the South Vietnam team and the Asian team. He is very small but has a soft and artistic playing style to the point that the president of the Asian Football Confederation once sent him a private letter inviting him to try to join the Asian team. Malaysian audiences love him very much and consider him their idol. Especially when he was kicked badly by the Malaysian midfielder and crawled around on the field, he still stood up smiling and shook his opponent's hand with the advice: "Pay attention to the ball, don't kick people anymore!"..

During his time, famous player Do Thoi Vinh was nicknamed Vinh "wolf head", playing a very flamboyant midfielder with headers and goals. He played for the Vietnamese team, won the 1959 SEAP Games championship and was crowned Merdeka 1966.

Fri Dec 15, 2023 6:22 pm
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"Sói" actually means Bald. It's a South Vietnamese dialect of "hói"; so "Đầu Sói" means "Bald Head"

Fri Dec 22, 2023 12:07 am
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ttt1009 wrote:
"Sói" actually means Bald. It's a South Vietnamese dialect of "hói"; so "Đầu Sói" means "Bald Head"

He doesn't look bald, though. Are you sure that there isn't a mistranslation?

Fri Dec 22, 2023 12:15 am
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sure, he had the same process happened to Rooney, when the forehead started to grow upward. you can search google image for the keyword "sói trán" meaning "the forehead starts to be bald" in Vietnamese. That's why his nickname is "Vinh sói" or "Vinh đầu sói" meaning his forehead, by which he scored many important goals for the national team.

Fri Dec 22, 2023 1:35 am

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ttt1009 wrote:
"Sói" actually means Bald. It's a South Vietnamese dialect of "hói"; so "Đầu Sói" means "Bald Head"

Well I'm no native speaker of Vietnamese language, I just translated the texts with Google translator (therefore there may be some errors). Anyway, in case you have additional info on him (for example height/weight or other things on his playing style), then let me know please.

Fri Dec 22, 2023 1:02 pm
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He is just a little over 1,60m tall.

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