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 Bora KOSTIĆ 1955-1959 
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Name: Borivoje Kostić

Nickname: "Bora"


Country: :SER: Serbia
Club: FK Crvena Zvezda
Position: *SS, CF, WF
Side: LF/LS
Age: 25-29 years (14/06/1930)

Height: 184 cm
Weight: 82 kg

Attack: 90
Defence: 44
Balance: 85
Stamina: 79
Top Speed: 83
Acceleration: 78
Response: 85
Agility: 76
Dribble Accuracy: 82
Dribble Speed: 76
Short Pass Accuracy: 83
Short Pass Speed: 75
Long Pass Accuracy: 82
Long Pass Speed: 79
Shot Accuracy: 90
Shot Power: 95
Shot Technique: 87
Free Kick Accuracy: 89
Curling: 78
Header: 84
Jump: 77
Technique: 82
Aggression: 85
Mentality: 79
Goalkeeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 83

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition: 7
Weak Foot Accuracy: 5
Weak Foot Frequency: 4
Consistency: 7
Growth type: Standard/Lasting

S01 - Marauding
S03 - 1-on-1 Finish
S04 - PK Taker
P11 - Long Ranger

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Reaction - Scoring - 1-1 Scoring - Middle Shooting - Penalties

Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded


Borivoje "Bora" Kostić was a former Serbian footballer and the best scorer in the history of the Red Star and one of Yugoslavia's best all-time top scorer. He was born near Belgrade, 14 June in 1930. year. As Obrenovčanin born, he started his career in local Workers, playing at center-forward or left hemisphere. Here is how "Uncle Bora" describes their football beginnings:

"I accidentally started playing football. Voja My twin brother, who was an outstanding football player, the greatest talent at that time in Serbia, has largely played in the Worker, and I was there if needed. Was sick once a player and they me insert the team. remember hosted by Partizan, on the day of liberation Obrenovca. then in Partizan played Bobek, Tchaikovsky and other greats. played me at center half that game, keeping Bobek, Valok and others. playing as center back, I gave three naked Workers won Partizan and complete a 3-2, and then I started my football career success "

That's an excellent player and shooter caught the eye all the leading Yugoslav clubs, but he still chose Bora Red Star, and the reason we chose Bora Star was a legendary Rajko Mitic:

"With my brother we came to a derby between Red Star and Partizan. Players I watched when leaving the stadium.'s Where I always was. And that smile Rajko Mitic, his composure throughout the game, his behavior and attitude towards the opponent, so I was fascinated to I told my brother: If we achieve something in football, I'd like it to be in the Red Star. called me not only from the club, but also from other big clubs, but I was for the reasons I stated, opted for the red-and-white "

The Star arrived in 1951. as one of the most talented players in the country, but did not immediately become a first team regular, long waited for his chance, and when he got it, the red and white jersey could not let all of the fourteen seasons not missed any of the other league matches. For the first team debuted in 1951. and already in his debut match scoring after just 3 minutes and 42 seconds, and 61 years held the record as the club scored the fastest debut goal. Up until this Wednesday when he held the position of fastest shooter overtook Philip Kasalica. We hope this is the beginning and even a hint of a brilliant career. However, the road to success was very bumpy, Kostic three years as a backup in Star, patiently waiting for his chance, he taught, he advanced to become what it is today - the best scorer in the club's history:

"Red Star then had Mrkušića, Stankovic, Palfi, Djurdjevic, Đajić OGNJANA, Mitic, Tomasevic and Vukosavljevića. A great team, in my opinion, the best red-white team of all time. Can you imagine a beardless boy, who came from a provincial club, where there was only one ball and where practiced just once a week, how he felt in such a football giant. need to play with all the players, grandmasters. During this time they were all European players. It a big challenge for me. Initially I played a few games. in 1951.'ve won the championship. played a few games where I directly decided against Spartak, Vardar, then Borca in Zagreb, where it played Zebec, and some matches . however, I realized that it is too early for me to have to do military service. spent two years in the army. When I came back, it took me another year to become a first team regular. passed I'm not a football school. We Workers at practice run first three rounds around the field and then played with two goals. A play in such a big club, you should learn and doučiti. clave'm at work, became regulars. played 390 games, and never once missed departure the great generation that is unattainable for me, and I do not know if anyone will achieve in the near future, unless they do not show great talent, Red Star is the courage to form a new team. Brought Beara from Split, then from Zeković gorge, came from his former club's Laza Tasic, Spajić Cokić. then have access Toplak Stars and Rudinski. brought me, so we formed a completely new team.'ve started to play well and later we had very good results. "

Red Star jersey he wore for fifteen seasons in 1951. up in 1966. , with the exception of season 1961/62,. which began in the Italian northern city of Vicenza, but after serious injuries returned to Red Star and it played the next four seasons. During that time he played 580 official games and scored an amazing 539 goals. Even today, the top scorer in the history of major league stars with 158 goals, which ranks it as the third top scorer eternal list of Yugoslav championships, behind surround with 218 Slobodan and Dusan Bajević with 164 premiership goals. Record for the number of trophies in the red and white jersey, because for 15 years in Stars even won seven league titles - 1951, 1953, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1960, 1964, and three national cups - 1958, in 1959. and in 1964. year. The recorder is in the number of appearances in the eternal derby with 23 games played, with Dragan Dzajic and the best shooter in the derby with 9 goals. It must be added 4 goals in cup competitions. Twice he was the best scorer of the Yugoslav Championship, 1958 / 59th with 25 and in 1959/60. first division with 19 goals.

And while its share in winning the first two World Championships was insignificant and negligible, Kostic made an immeasurable contribution to winning the next five titles in the Star's history. Speaking about the importance of Bora Kostic play the Star's fifties and sixties, his teammate and undoubtedly the biggest star of her generation Dragoslav Šekularac said:

"Bora was the embodiment of one of the former, the real Red Star. Charming, witty, big as a man and as an athlete. Such a great man is born once in a hundred years and I'm so sorry for being so modest. Because I say Bora Kostic was higher than many prepumpanih Star, in which he counted himself ... I would never become what I am that I did it, I have not played with Bor. Bora us of in 1957. till in 1962. was I brought three national titles. Niko him was not needed. When the going gets tough, the rest of us watched the fall of some twenty yards from the goal, because we knew that one of two free throws certainly be naked ... People, what the left has had! So it was awesome, Bora just could not kick it like Felš. When he tightened from 20 meters, the ball flying into the net as a shot and bounces back to the center. And the rest, as opposed to it as we kicked balloon. especially loved to score goals Partizan. Our Bora Kostic was a great man, a football master of all time! "

And the Boro "atomic left" ispredane legends and songs sung. One of them goes like this: "Left atomic fear into treatment, he can not defend Yashin!" The reason for this song was the famous game that they played in Belgrade Red Star and Dinamo Moscow, and Bora Kostic scored three goals. Dinamo's goal stood awesome Leo Yashin, who officially declared the world's best goalkeeper of all time. One Goil Bora gave him a free kick from more than a hundred feet. The ball after target refused to where a punch is thrown, and the Leo Yashin admitted to not even see the ball. Bora Kostic described it that his goal:

"If the price of my career is only one goal that I gave Yasin, I would be very pleased. Might even give you an thirty Goals, which were much better than the target. However I believe that this is so because Yashin standing in goal. goals when I gave, I did not care what the name of the keeper. If a good score, if it receives a good audience, it's enjoyment for me. Otherwise, when we insist on the net, it's like this: set up ball and I wanted to add someone. however, I see that all stand and watch, because they know when the move away from the ball one step, instead of three, five, know that I will attempt to not add a. shot I am. Yashin, in this while the best goalkeeper in the world, did not expect from such a distance I shoot at goal. surprised him and gave him a kick. "

In Sudan, the keeper ran into the audience from Bora should blow out at forty yards. Manchester United goalkeeper, famous Greg said that he only felt his ball behind his back and that he had never even seen. Playing for obrenovački Workers, is so strong shot from the right that it has slashed the net and ended up on the street. It was said that Lokomotiv Moscow goalkeeper knelt and prayed before the Boro take no bomb strong shock:

"It's not bowed. However when we sat after the banquet, as I previously gave him four goals, he could not simply believe that I have achieved everything from 30 to 40 feet. His friends and the public are not able to forgive him. Teased him , scolded. A man sitting next to me, can not eat and drink. says: How do you give goals, what you have it in his leg. thought is that I have a special leg! "

In the match against Dinamo Zagreb, which was finished by winning red and white of 7:1, Bora scored six goals. I Milutin SOSKIC Yugoslav best goalkeeper at the time, he often had the opportunity to experience the power of Stanković's left.

With Red Star five times participated in the European Champions Cup, and the greatest success was achieved in 1957. when our team was eliminated in the semifinals of the Italian Fiorentina. The following year, Red Star was eliminated in the quarterfinals to Manchester United in a game that preceded the Munich crash. Here's how Bora Kostic Bejzbijevih experienced the death of a baby:

"The encounter with Manchester United's sad chapter of my career. Regardless of what went on that championship and life went on.'s Up to us to leave a trace, as it were a great football gentlemen.'ve Played first in Manchester and then in Belgrade. It was a high level, not just playing football, but also friendship. Banquets, dinners, and so on. Even today, when I think of it, all I get goose bumps. simply can not believe that such great guys forever gone, they died ... Belgrade was 3:3. had the misfortune to receive three goals in 15 minutes. Eventually we even had a chance to win. Had we won, they would have to play a third game, but you see, there destiny of life directs. "

Yugoslav national team played 33 matches and scored 26 goals. He made his debut on 9 September in 1956. in a friendly match against Indonesia - 4:2, in which he scored his first goal Basketball National Team:

"When you first appearances for the national team, it's a big porch. Soon as you finish the game, everything is normal, as it was fifty. It remains in my memory, and the goal was not so important, it is important that I gave it."

From the national jersey goodbye to 23 September in 1964. The selection against UEFA - 2:7, in charity match for the victims of the earthquake in Skopje.

He was captain of the team that won the second place at the European Championship in 1960. in Paris and the deputy captain of the Olympic team in Rome in 1960 won the gold medal. Due to the exclusion of captain Milan Galic, Bora Kostic was just honored to receive only the winning trophy in the history of Yugoslav football.

"We're at the Olympics were actually underdogs. We came to patching together a team. Played the Roganović, PERUSIC, Žanetić Nikolic ... Soskic was in goal, and he was replaced in the finish Vidinić. Well-known players from the Galic , SOSKIC Jusufi Durković, PERUSIC from Dinamo, then Matos and me. played the Prince of Borac Banja Luka. troubles we had in the game with the Italians. they charge to us in the nose as we went to the finals of a hat. And I can tell you straight away we played outstanding against Italy and throughout the game we had. Italians are 6 times in the stadium lights out, and whenever we were in front of their goal, and we could not score a goal.'s what no one has written about. A Then, of course, a stray ball, sucked into his own goal. way we got into the hat. was not extra, but slips in a hat. So we went to the final with Denmark, which have played excellent football. To mention just Nielsen. All later went to professionals in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, and were famous. Besides them we did not have a chance. however, met before the game, and since Vidinić a good singer, sing us "Granada" at the meeting. were willing and someone says, "Guys, idemo.Nisu are so strong that we do not have anything to ask". So that's the spirit, that desire victory. It was 3-1 for us. Goals have given Matus, Gali and me. After exclusions Galic, I'm captain's armband. "

With the score 3-0 to Yugoslavia, Kostic scored the fourth goal for the "blue" but the judge canceled for alleged offside. Kostic rebels, captain Gali calms him and, to the surprise of all, you get a red card. Captaincy was handed over Kostioć Bora, which was later honored to lift the trophy.

He was captain of the team, which is the first European Championship in 1960. in Paris won the silver medal. Generation Kostic Šekularac, Galic and other masters dropped the historic opportunity that after the gold at the Olympics and decorate the gold medal at the European Championships and so make itself the most successful in the history of Yugoslav football, better even than the famous "Olympic team" from in 1952. year. Yugoslavia in the semifinals magnificent twist eliminate host France, and in the final, after extra time defeat of the Soviet Union.

"We are a nation at the tournament came shortly after state championship, and I think we are not prepared. Nevertheless, we won a very strong then the French, who were and remain for us always inconvenient, but in the final encounter had SSSR.Oni of a very strong team. playing the net, Čislenko, Ponedeljnik, Yashin. they had about six or seven world class players. them we completely outplayed, but unfortunately we conceded a goal in 117.minutu. gave him Ponedeljnik, some of the crowd, by him the ball just hit in the head. I won. Sporting've congratulated them! "

Four Yugoslav players have found their place in the ideal team European Championship - Red Star Šekularac, Kostic and Durković and a Partizan Galic!

After one season he played in Italy's northern city of Vicenza, but already in the second game suffered a serious injury, recovered and returned to his home - Red Star:

"I'm so sorry that I passed in Italy. Wish was that in addition to a Sivorija, Suarez, Altafini, puss and other international aces stand equally side by side. However, in the first game, I scored a goal and played outstanding and was evaluation - 10 On the other hand, in Turin, a man broke my leg, no fault of his, he would, he came to me by accident. broke my leg and I'm back. could have extended, but they told me I may have to play more. I have come to our sea legs healed and went on to play in the Star until 1966, when I finished his football career active player. "

Stars After one season he played recreationally in America, and at the end of their careers devoted to coaching call. He did not achieve any significant results, and it is wrong in many ways his aristocratic conception of football:

"Skill is one thing and the other is wings. I'm not a supporter of some great wings. Normally, you should have a tactic in the game, but that would be implemented, they must be taught elements of the football game. If one does not know to squeeze the ball to kick it with 20 meters, or a volley, then every tactic fails. because I'd told all the coaches to switch to normal operation. because, as children first go to primary school, to learn the basic alphabet, and players have to first learn the basic elements Games: handover, kicking, etc., not pioneers in the clubs right and press play man to man, which is total decadence football game. Desak must develop imagination, it has to develop its natural talenat.Trener as a means hirurg.Što just insisting on exercises provide real results. It's time to change the way our coaches work training. chosen the less, more imagination - to our football back old glory, and achieved better results than we have had. claim that after the Brazilians for the most talented football nation in the world! "

Bora Kostic is a true legend of Red Star, Red Star's star is not officially crowned with that title. Kosta Tomašević, Bora Kostić, Jovan Ačimović, Dušan Savić, Dejan Savicevic, every one of the big players, they had the misfortune to play during the biggest stars in the history of the Red Star, in any other time would have been undisputed leaders and team leaders. About the size of a gaming Bora Kostic testify words best player in the history of the Red Star - Dragan Džajić.

"He was one of our best players in history, much bigger name than they thought about it. Bora is an efficiency for all time, and as a humble and great man. Had the fortune to 2-3 years of playing with him, at the time when I first started its journey in the Star. It was valuable for our entire football is one of the brightest figures in history!"

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