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 Alceo LIPIZER 1948-1950 
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Name: Alceo Lipizer


Country: :ITA: Italy
Club: A.C. Como
Position: *WF
Side: RF/LS
Age: 27-29 years (08/04/1921)

Height: 174 cm *
Weight: 72 kg *

Attack: 78
Defence: 40
Balance: 71
Stamina: 77
Top Speed: 86
Acceleration: 84
Response: 75
Agility: 85
Dribble Accuracy: 82
Dribble Speed: 84
Short Pass Accuracy: 75
Short Pass Speed: 73
Long Pass Accuracy: 81
Long Pass Speed: 77
Shot Accuracy: 77
Shot Power: 91
Shot Technique: 84
Free Kick Accuracy: 77
Curling: 68
Header: 65
Jump: 68
Technique: 83
Aggression: 85
Mentality: 76
Goalkeeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 76

Injury Tolerance: B
Condition: 5
Weak Foot Accuracy: 5
Weak Foot Frequency: 5
Consistency: 5
Growth type: Late/Peak

P09 - Cut Back Pass
P10 - Incisive Run
P11 - Long Ranger
S05 - 1-touch Play

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Dribbling - Tactical Dribble - Middle Shooting - Side - 1-touch Play

Attack/Defence Awareness Card: Attack Minded

Lipizer was a winger. His career started in 1938 at Fiumana. He transferred to Taranto in 1942. He signed for Juventus in 1945, spending two seasons without having many opportunities. He eventually had his best time at Como where he played from 1947 to 1952, scoring 32 goals in 100 appearances. He had a major role in 1948-49 when Como was promoted to Serie A and in 1949-50 when the team finished 6th placed in the top tier league as he scored 13 and 10 goals respectively. He retired in 1954 following two years at Reggiana.
An exciting winger, Lipizer possessed outstanding speed on the distance, agility and superb dribbling that allowed him to dribble a few defenders or get away from them with ease while keeping the ball stuck to his feet. He liked to reach the end of the field to send accurate crosses to the box. In fact, he was often in charge of corner kicks. What made him an even bigger threat was his shooting ability. While he wasn't always accurate from favourable positions, the terrific power of his shots made up for that. If he hit the ball with full power and a bit of accuracy once he got inside the box, the goalkeeper had little chance to make a successful save. And Lipizer could even score first time and from long distance, up to 30 or 40 meters. He was also a good free kick taker.

Spoiler: show
31.10.1948 vs Cremonese
"Lipizer gets away with the ball stuck to his feet, running like a hare from three-quarters of the pitch. The opposing full-backs were taken by surprise by the sudden action and couldn't prevent the run of the left-winger who reaches the backline and fires a great shot to the box"

28.11.1948 vs Pisa
"The first goal came at the 3' minute when Lipizer crossed for Maronati who hit a volley and scored"

8.12.1948 vs Spezia
"Spezia goalkeeper Fabbri takes the major risk at the 26' minute when he dives and desperately saves a powerful shot from Lipizer"

12.12.1948 vs Vicenza
"Rabitti passes the ball with a bicycle kick to Lipizer who sends a long cross to Maesani"
"The masterpiece goal of the day comes at the 41' minute: Rabitti passes the ball with a bicycle kick to Lipizer. The winger controls the ball with the heel, showing the skill of a professional athlete and leaving the good defender Parena in astonishment. Stua is close to Lipizer [...] The ball travels a short distance and gets to Como's inside-forward who emulates Lipizer by controlling the ball with the heel and surprising Vicenza's centre-half [...] Stua gets five meters closer to the goal and scores"

19.12.1948 vs Legnano
"Lipizer dribbled three defenders within a two meters space and provided Stua with an accurate pass"

26.12.1948 vs Pro Sesto
"The ball goes from Maronati to Stua and to Lipizer: the left-winger hits the ball accurately and the shot goes sharply insde the net, near the post"

2.1.1949 vs Napoli
"At the 44' minute, Napoli goalkeeper Chellini managed to save in corner Lipizer's very powerful shot with the tip of his foot"

6.1.1949 vs Reggiana
"Meroni passed the ball to Lipizer who was five meters from the goal. [...] Lipizer didn't have to struggle. He stopped the ball, urged goalkeeper Martinelli to come off the goal and placed the ball in the net"

9.1.1949 vs Salernitana
"The first attempt was at the 15' minute with Lipizer's free kick that hit the crossbar"

16.1.1949 vs Spal
"The ball goes from Stua to Meroni to the left wing. Lipizer sprints early to get away from Emiliani. The winger runs at full speed and fires a powerful shot that skyrockets diagonally twenty meters from the left to the right and in Bergamini's goal"

30.1.1949 vs Taranto
"The second goal cane at the 37' minute: Lipizer took a free kick which was rejected by Faraone, but Maesani regained the ball and shot; Faraone saved again but Rabitti took the ball and scored"

6.2.1949 vs Lecce
"The ball goes from Meroni to Stua who passes it to Lipizer: the left-winger dribbles Monsellato, gets in the box and scores with an unstoppable shot"
"At the 22' minute, Lipizer takes a free kick that his teammate Ponti deflects towards the goal: the goalkeeper saves the ball but doesn't hold it, giving Rabitti the chance to score"

6.3.1949 vs Brescia
"Lipizer took the corner. The defender Albini prevailed and headed the ball out of the area. The ball reached Maronati who fired a powerful shot and scored"

19.3.1949 vs Seregno
"Towards the end of the first half, Lipizer takes a free kick but Seregno's goalkeeper makes a beautiful save"

3.4.1949 vs Alessandria
"Maesani scores with a header following a cross from Lipizer who got away from Cerri's tough marking"

10.4.1949 vs Venezia
"The ball goes from the center to the inside-forward to Lipizer who provides a deep cross to Meroni on the left who fights briefly with Clocchiatti and scores"

17.4.1949 vs Verona
"Lipizer set Meroni off with a long ball. The centre-forward crossed for Dossi who touched for Rabitti who wasted no time and quickly fired the shot on goal"

1.5.1949 vs Siracusa
"Stua receives a pass from Lipizer and shortens the gap with a volley"

8.5.1949 vs Spezia
"At the 26' minute, Maesani bursts in to hit the ball crossed by Lipizer but fires the shot over the crossbar"
"At the 26' minute of the second half, Como scored the third goal with Meroni who received the ball from Lipizer"

5.6.1949 vs Pro Sesto
"Meroni passes the ball from the three-quarters to Lipizer who has no trouble in dribbling an opponent and crossing the ball to the box where Dossi scores with a volley"

11.9.1949 vs Palermo
"Lipizer is elusive and maybe a bit too hasty"

4.12.1949 vs Samporia
"Lipizer fired a powerful shot from 40 meters that tricked the goalkeeper Lusetti with a fake bounce"

11.12.1949 vs Novara
"Como equalised following a quick exchange between Ghiandi and Lipizer. Ghiandi crossed from the wing and the ball was barely touched by Galimberti before reaching Lipizer who scored with a sharp shot despite Corghi's save attempt"

9.4.1950 vs Lucchese
"At the 14' minute of the second half, Lipizer increases Como's lead to three goals. A deep cross requires goalkeeper Arrighini to come off his goal [...]. Lipizer prevails and heads the ball in, making the save attempt of the goalkeeper useless"

23.4.1950 vs Roma
"Meroni's cross reached Lipizer who stopped the ball with his chest and, all alone in front of the goal, fired a rising shot from ten meters behind goalkeeper Albani's back"

7.5.1950 vs Atalanta
"At the 32' minute, Lipizer scored the first goal following a headed pass from Ghiandi"
"At the 25' minute of the second half, Lipizer scored first time from nearly 40 meters. And at the 40' minute, Lipizer scored again who, unmarked by Meroni's accurate pass, beat goalkeeper Casari with an unstoppable shot"

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