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 Player Ability With instructions 
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This post may be useful to some.

Player Ability

1. Attack
Players with high attack values ​​must always be at the front and attacking. Don't be expected to stay quiet in defense because his instinct is to continue attacking.

2. Defence
This player can only be expected to guard the defense, because he will have a tendency to go back to guard the defense line. Even if told to attack, he will always retreat to help defend.

3. Balance
With high body balance, it will be very good when there is a collision with another player or during a body charge situation with an opposing player. Players like this usually have big, tall bodies like Didier Drogba or Adriano.

4. Stamina
A high stamina value will prevent the player from getting tired quickly when forced to keep running. His physical condition will not decline quickly until the end of the match.

5. Top Speed
The higher the speed, it shows the maximum speed that the player can achieve when running without the ball.

6. Acceleration
The less time it takes for the player to run to reach maximum speed. The player is able to stop suddenly, before accelerating again leaving behind the player.

7. Response
Shows the player's speed in reacting or responding to a pass, and reacting quickly when he loses the ball. When attached to a striker like this you have to be extra concentrated when cutting crosses.

8. Agility
Shows a player's agility when receiving a pass and reacting with the ball.

9. Dribble Accuracy
The higher the value, the more precise the player will be when dribbling with the ball.

10. Dribble Speed
Shows the player's speed when dribbling. If a player like this is able to escape the offside trap, it will be very difficult to catch.

11. Short Pass Accuracy
The player's accuracy parameter in making a pass along the ground, whether it is a breakthrough or a short pass.

12. Short Pass Speed
The higher the value, the faster the short pass will be and more difficult for opposing players to cut.

13. Long Pass Accuracy
More accuracy when passing in the air, whether it's a long pass or a through pass.

14. Long Pass Speed
The faster the gastric pass is in the air and the more difficult it is for opposing players to anticipate.

15. Shot Accuracy
The sharper the kick towards the goal, the better the target position when kicking to score a goal. Basically, as long as you kick, there is a big chance of becoming a goal.

16. Shot Power
The stronger and harder the kick when shooting towards the goal.

17. Shot Technique
The more powerful the player is when he kicks towards the goal even in unfavorable conditions, or when he kicks but is closely guarded by the opponent.

18. Free Kick Accuracy
The more accurate the position of the target you want to shoot towards the goal when taking a free kick.

19. Curling
Determines how much curve the player can create when kicking the ball.

20. Header
The higher the value, the faster the player is when fighting for the ball in the air to pass or head towards the goal.

21. Jump
Shows how capable the player is when jumping.

22. Technique
The higher the value, the higher the ability to handle the ball, such as holding the ball and dribbling, and the more difficult it is to lose the ball.

23. Aggression
Players will be more aggressive in attacking and sticking to opponents who are carrying the ball.

24. Mentality
Even if a player is tired or playing under pressure when a goal is behind, it will not affect his game and can even play better.

25. Goalkeeper Skills
As your ability as a goalkeeper increases, you will be able to be useful as an emergency goalkeeper and have the ability to make goal saves.

26. Team Work
The higher the value, the ability to play cooperatively with a team and be easy to receive passes.

27. Condition
It's not easy to get tired even if you have to play consecutively.

28. Weak Foot Accuracy
The higher the value, the higher the tendency to use a foot that is not a habit. For example, if a player uses his right foot more often, his left foot will still be able to kick accurately.

29. Weak Foot Frequency
The higher the value, the more frequently you will kick using a foot that is not your habit.

30. Consistency
How likely a player is to perform to his full ability in any particular match. Consistency only affects technical and mental attributes. Therefore, players with better physical attributes are less affected by poor Consistency.

Player Special Ability Parameter Terms

1. Dribbling
Always try to dribble when in control of the ball (don't tend to pass directly). This applies to COM player conditions.

2. Tactical Dribble
Actively trying to prevent the ball from being taken by another player by dribbling (for COM player conditions)

3. Positioning
Be in the best position when receiving a pass or receiving a crossing in the opponent's goal area so that it is easy to shoot at the goal. Make sure the defender always keeps an eye on where the striker is like this, because he can suddenly appear in empty space to welcome a pass into the goal area with a first time shot.

4. Reaction
Will move aggressively forward when receiving a through ball in the opponent's defense area to get the best opportunity to attack even though it is vulnerable to an offside position.

5. Playmaking
Like a playmaker, when this player carries the ball, his friends will be ready in the best position to receive the pass.

6. Passing
Great at making passes. When carrying the ball and making a pass, the player who receives the pass will move deftly.

7. Scoring
Greater ability to score goals, better finding positions to get passes so it is easier to score goals.

8. 1-on-1 Scoring
It is easier to score goals when facing one on one with the opposing goalkeeper.

9. Post Player
When carrying the ball alone in front and in a situation of urgency, this player will be able to defend the ball and wait for his friend to be in a position to come forward.

10. Lines
Get better at attacking and defending along the offside line.

11. Middle Shooting
Ease of shooting and scoring goals even from a fairly long distance.

12. Side
Play well in the side position or side of the field.

13. Center
Plays well in the middle of the field.

14. Penalties
Have good ability in scoring goals through penalty kicks.

15. 1-Touch Pass
Accurate in making one-touch passes.

16. Outside
When shooting towards the goal, you will be more accurate when using the outside of your foot.

17. Marking
Move closely to guard the opposing attacking player who is being guarded and always try to prevent him from receiving a pass.

18. Sliding
The ability to perform a sliding tackle with a smaller possibility of a foul occurring.

19. Covering
The ability to close the space or gap that is penetrated by the opposing attacker after being able to get past the defender.

20. D-Line Control
The defensive line will be more coordinated, making it easier to trap opposing players offside.

21. Penalty Stopper
The ability to save the goal from an opponent's penalty kick.

22. 1-On-1 Stopper
Ability to save goals from one-on-one situations with opposing attackers, and also respond well to close-range shots.

23. Long Throw
The ability to throw in farther than the average player.

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It can indeed be helpful. I would incorporate it to this thread though.

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Interista93 wrote:
It can indeed be helpful. I would incorporate it to this thread though.

Yes that would be good

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