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 I need hidden sets 
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Joined: Tue Jan 10, 2023 6:40 pm
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Hello everyone, I am addressing the creator of the set of the footballers Suat Mamat, Alaattin Baydar and Adolf Scherer.

The reason is so that you can please provide your set so I can put it in my PES since I am doing an all stars of all the national teams, I would appreciate it if you would allow me to see it and if you feel uncomfortable, thank you anyway for reading this publication.

(excuse my english)

Thu Nov 09, 2023 4:33 pm
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Yes, i need to some of your hidden sets. And, as an student of History myself i can say this:

The whole idea of a hidden section is impractical. All have te rigth to defend your work, and yes, buy library material for some players old enough is... more making a fanstasy set than a real one, but is fine, part of history sometimes is making an educated guess to make a hipothesis. My point here is, you hide your work, but, who comments the post when we know there is maybe half of content hidden? That isn't kill the activity a forum?. Also, some of the players that are hidden have research material at hand. Michel, Staunton had complete games in youtube, i found recently the full game of Ireland against Italy or the Real Madrid 5-0 Barcelona. Full. Is impractical because anyone can create a set when already is the set of a player create. Or, no one can do an suggestion of a player. Sincerily, for me that i love patches, result frustrating that over and over that i find a player that i need, i meet the "You're not allowed to see this post". The problem is: who was seeing this set?

I sad to see the forum doesn't evolve nothing from the JeanMarc days. Literally Interista and Trivelocco are the one who maintain alive this forum. Nacho too. And i'm thankful to this lads. Their do their best.

And a last thing. What is the fear? to someone copied your set? that is pretty petty in my opinion, is not scientifical reason (in your defense, doesn't have to be a scitifict reason) nor a historian reason (and yes, have to be a historical reason and decision imo), a historian, Theodore Mommsen apport his life to make books about Roman history, and never hide some discovering that he made. So 1 or 2, 1, you doesn't care about anyone except yourselfes, and that is valid, or 2, the set are just ideas and incomplete sets, like the one on the practice section. If is the 1, is valid, but you can find a method antycopyright, of better, doesn't care an activity like this. PSD do it, and doesn't work very well, but the page is still alive thanks to this, because a great part of the set are on the internet now, and the page is still down to this day. That's a legacy. If is the two, well, isn't a selfshot doesn't make the set public for opinions?.

And again, i understand, get your job stolen sucks (i gonna give the credits on a note of the page of i take the stats to my in-game database, they well deserve it.), really sucks, but also is one of the risk that all take if we share something on internet.

Sun Dec 24, 2023 12:07 am
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A historian or whoever writes and sells a book automatically has rights to it. Whoever copies anything from that book without crediting the original author ends up paying a lot of money or even going to jail. But we don't earn money and surely can't add any sort of copyright to our work. We can't compare it to that of a historian or a professional writer.

You said that a lot of material can be found, even on YouTube. That means that everyone has the ability to think of a set by watching a couple matches. For example, I've been watching literally dozens of Liverpool matches this year. I updated several sets and created lots of missing players. And there are more to come. Of course, it would piss me off a bit if someone started posting them somewhere else on the internet without even crediting me or our forum. I never posted a hidden set, but I can't blame those who do.

The fact that specific users "keep this forum alive" means that they have more free time. It doesn't mean that we're better or more willing to create content for the website. And we are over 3200 users but the vast majority of them has never published a single post. No one is forced to post constantly just to "keep the forum alive". And actually, the admins and mods have been working for months in updating the outdated national teams and some clubs too, which is a long work to do.

In conclusion, take in mind that this forum has over 8.700 players available for everyone. The hidden section has eight times less sets.

Sun Dec 24, 2023 12:35 am
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